Soferox: The Blockchain Evolved

Making blockchain tech easy, scalable, and stable for everyday use Backed behind a powerful API and easy to use SDK

Welcome to Soferox

In today's day and age all things online are usually centralized and owned by corporations. Here at Soferox we believe that blockchain technology and decentralization is the future. To see this vision through we have created Soferox, a blockchain for both users and developers.

Your imagination is the limit with Soferox. You can develop social networks, games, messengers, IoT apps, Financial apps, and so much more. This can all be done within the Soferox chain, or you can create your very own blockchain with your own corresponding coins. Completely decentralized and all without the headaches of complicated consensus algorithms or P2P networking protocols.

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What is Soferox?

Simply put, Soferox is a decentralized network such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, NEM, or even Stratis. We are not utilizing old fashion methods such as Proof of Work, like Bitcoin, or Proof of Stake like Ethereum. Soferox uses a new, innovative way to secure blocks called Proof of Pact.

Soferox is indeed a cryptrocurrency and our Coin is called SFX. To send SFX from one account to another usually takes 1-10 seconds. After being mined successfully in about 2 minutes the transaction will be seen as immutable in the transaction chain.

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How it Works

Best Features

Soferox was founded on the belief that its core functions needed to be ironclad. Below we have 3 of our most promising features.

Easy To Use API and SDK in C#

Soferox is a new way to utilize blockchain technology in your applications. With a fully open API and SDK kit, integrating to the blockchain has never been easier

The Twin-Chain

With our new approach on blockchain tech, the Twin-Chain makes it easier to grow and scale your application and sub-chain than ever before!

Fast Blockchain and Integration

With a new blockchain, comes a new way to secure blocks. PoP is just that system. It is a new and unique way to mine blocks in a fair and fast approach.

The Soferox Network

A Blockchain Built For Tomorrow

Privacy Privacy

Privacy is our highest priority

Strongest encryption standards

Anonymous transactions


Two Seperate Chains

Functioning together simply

To create the strongest blockchain

Secure and SafeSecure and Safe

Strongest Code Standards

Dual Encryption Standards

HMAC and other popular tools

The Soferox SDKThe Soferox SDK

Full and Complete SDK

100% programmed in C#

Fully documented and tracked

  • Mobile App

    Mobile app for platform on iOS and Android available after final release.
  • Open Source

    Soferox will take the approach of open source. We believe to have a trustless, decentralized environment, we too must be open.
  • Imagination

    The most exciting aspect is to see what the community creates with our tools and network. The sky is the limit.
  • PoP (Proof of Pact)

    Quite possibly our best feature. This new blockchain solves the security and scaling issues facing most today.
  • Fast, Energy Efficient, and Fair Mining

    A new take on mining allows for things such as pre-mining, fast transactions, reputation, and fair mining standards. Also our mining software allows you to idle and only run when called. This will help decrease energy bills by half!

Soferox Roadmap

These are the estimated dates we are aiming to achieve the outlined goals.

April, 2018

Withdrawals Opened

Users were allowed to withdrawal funds from the SFX Web Wallet.

May, 2018


The initial test launch of the secondary chain has begun.

August, 2018

Leaving Scrypt Algo for GRS

Users voted to change to GRS algo.

January, 2019

Coin Swap and Final Wallet Update

We are swapping coins and the final update to secondary chain wallet.

March, 2019

Finalizing Swap

Finalization of swaps and proceeding to KYC

April, 2019

New Website

Finishing the new website to better brand Soferox.

April/May, 2019

Exchange Listing

Our first exchange listing should happen sometime in this period

Rest of 2019

Primary Chain (PoP Chain)

Rest of 2019 will be devoted to releasing the Primary Chain (PoP).