What is Soferox? And what is SFX?

Soferox is a zero fee exchange with our very own unique blockchain. We also encourage you to do research and explore the site. We have prepared a lot of good information and provided white papers and other things under our documents section.

What kind of token is this?

This is a Soferox Utility Token. Each token is worth 1 SFX Coin.

What is the price of an SFX token?

Price of 1 token is $0.10 USD and will rise to $0.18 USD by the end of the ICO

How do bonuses work?

Bonuses are applied after a purchase is confirmed and we receive funds.

How long does it take to receive funds?

Once you send EXACT amount to address. The amounts are then confirmed. Once they are confirmed and sent to Coinpayments, we then get the funds. Once we have funds, SFX is generated and sent to you instantly. Please allow for 1 hour for this all to happen. It is usually faster, but there are days crypto networks slow down.

Tokens set aside for ICO?

100,000,000 Tokens for ICO

Total Supply of SFX That can ever exist?

1 billion SFX.

What cryptos do you accept?

We accept BTC, ETH, LTC, and Dash.

What is the minimum purchase?

The smallest amount that can be bought is $0.10 USD

What exchanges are you going to be listed on?

We have spoken with evercoin and bittrex, but we cannot guarantee these exchanges.

When will you be on the exchanges?

After the ICO is when exchanges can begin to list us. The ICO end date is October 31st, 2017.

I see other wallets, can I deposit into them?

No. This feature will open after the ICO.

Can this be mined? If so when is mining software going to be released?

Yes it can be mined. Software will be released after ICO.

Can we send from exchange, mew, etc.?

Yes. You can send from any place that will send crypto.

How do you make money?

There is a presentation under documents on how we are fee free and make money. Basically we make money from merchant accounts and through mining tax.

How do I make money?

You make money by no longer surrendering your crypto to costly fees. It is your crypto, and you deserve to keep it.

Is this an ERC20 Token? Is this on Ethereum?

No we are NOT an ERC20 token. We do NOT use Ethereum as we have our own chain and process.

What is this exact amount on the payment screen?

This is the exact amount of crypto required to verify your transaction was sent. Please send the EXACT amount.

How long before I receive my crypto?

Once you receive email stating funds have been received it usually takes 1 hour from there for SFX to show up.

Why should I buy into this?

Because for too long other exchanges have monopolized and held the cryptosphere down for their own greed. It's time to take our crypto back!

What can I buy SFX Tokens with?

With Cryptocurrency. The accepted types are listed above.

Where are you located?

The United States. In the state of Texas.

Can you tell me about this project?

I recommend you go to documents sections to read up on us as there is a lot of great information in the site. We are a twin blockchain company creating a new way to process crypto. We also have an exchange offering zero fee services.