What is Soferox? And what is SFX?

Soferox is a revolutionary twin-blockchain that aims to change the way we see and use blockchains. We also encourage you to do research and explore the site. We have prepared a lot of good information and provided white papers and other things under our documents section.

What does your project aim to change?

We aim to change the issues facing many blockchains today, such as stability, forks, scalability, and to make them easier to use and access.

What is the twin-chain?

The twin-chain is our concept of two chains working together to create a more stable and scalable blockchain.

What makes your chain easier?

Our chain comes with a power SDK and API that creates a low entry cost for using our chain.

Is this an ICO?

No. We are a coin with an ecosystem of its own.

What language is your SDK in?

We have chosen to create an all C# SDK.

What languages will your API work with?

Our API will work in any language that support REST API calls (C#, JS, PHP, etc.).

Will you post all your source information and be transparent?

Yes. Soferox will have all API and SDK information public for everyone to see once out of alpha. Wallet source code will also be made available too for other wallet integrations.

What exchanges are you going to be listed on?

We will begin the listing process in accordance to timeline. Please stay posted for updates on this.

When will you be on the exchanges?

Please see our timeline for a list of dates and timeline goals.

Can this be mined? If so when is mining software going to be released?

Yes it can be mined. We will be releasing software once we exit our test net/node phase.

Will there be a license, or fee to use Soferox?

No. Soferox and its tools will be completely free and open source.

What kind of apps can I create with this twin-chain?

Your imagination is the limit with Soferox. You can develop social networks, games, messengers, IoT apps, Financial apps, and so much more.

Is this an ERC20 Token? Is this on Ethereum?

No we are NOT an ERC20 token. We do NOT use Ethereum as we have our own chain and process.

Where are you located?

We are located in Lubbock, TX USA.