What is Soferox?

Soferox is a company that was founded on the idea that cryptocurrencies are the future and our platform is here to provide the latest and best way to manage them. The name Soferox comes from the Latin word Ferox, meaning fearless, and we feel as though 'So Fearless' describes how the individuals behind Soferox approach any and all endeavors.

Soferox was founded by talented individuals, each of whom provide a wide array knowledge and talents. We all believe greatly in our service and truly feel it is going to change the way cryptos are traded and stored.

What can Soferox do for you?

Soferox is here to help you manage, trade, and acquire cryptos. With innovative invoicing and storage/trading features we know you will love what we have to offer.

We have been longtime supporters of cryptocurrencies and we want to see them do nothing but succeed, but we don't think there is a solution out there providing users the best way to manage these coins. Everything done cost money, or has a fee and we want to see that taken out of the system and reward users for loyalty.

Why are we doing no fees?

We want to reward users for loyalty. Secondly is has to do with the volatility trading has on the market.

As of right now trading cryptos can affect the market on a much larger scale, unlike traditional currency. If you trade 1 million dollars for Euros the market has enough structure to absorb that and not cause the USD or Euro to fluctuate but maybe 0.01%. This is something that cryptos struggle with and if someone did what I described previously, you would see a change anywhere from 1%-10% on the market price. Our software will help with this issue by spreading transactions over many different exchanges and when trading within the platform, allowing for no major hits on the market. This helps create a win-win for everyone, as massive trades and moves won’t be reflected at a high of 10% but more towards the 0.01% target.