Windows Wallet 32-bit

Soferox - Windows 32-Bit

Windows Wallet 64-bit

Soferox - Windows 64-Bit

Mac Wallet

Soferox - Mac OSX

Windows Miner

Soferox Miner - Windows(CPU Miner)

Miner Source Code

Soferox Miner - CPU Miner Source Code From GRS

Soferox Source

Soferox - Source

**Please note that we used the QT Library and windows will sometimes detect this as a virus. It is a false positive.**

**Please also note there are plenty of miners for the GRS algo, we recommend finding one optimized to your rig/machine.**

Mining Information

To connect we recommend creating the follow bat file in miner folder:


minerd.exe --algo=groestl --url=

Withdrawal Online Funds

This will be enabled After swap, but before exchanges so do not worry.