Soferox Twin-Chain, the blockchain evolved.

The next generation blockchain designed and built from scratch to overcome legacy blockchain limitations. This allows the separation of the rules in a chain from the transactions in a chain. Why does this matter?

Let’s say that you will want a block to be changed from 1mb to 2 mb. This would result in a HARD FORK, and history shows that this causes nothing but problems for developers. With a dedicated chain for rules though, these developers will still have time to make adjustments while using the older rules currently in place on the transaction chain. This will prevent hard forks.

This will also help with scaling. We can comfortably scale the network as needed alongside the ruling adjustments without major code overhauls. Since the transaction chain remains immutable, this will drastically help.

Miners will also benefit! Let’s say for instance, that someone sends a request over the Soferox network, which in turn is sent to miners/mining pools. The twin-blockchain will have already verified the transaction to meet rules again the rule chain, so miners will not need to waste time on bad blocks. This transaction would only need to be deemed as honored, which means NO NEED for heavy GPUs, as a CPU will suffice in all instances. Once this confirmation is received from the miners, it’s communicated that the pact is honored and the transaction is instantly stored on the chain. This results in a much more cost effective process.”

SFX Token

SFX tokens are purchased at an exchange rate of 1 token per $0.16. During pre-sale, purchases are given 30% more tokens until it closes 14 days later or reaches its cap of 10 million tokens. Once the ICO starts, purchases during the first phase will receive 20% more and tokens purchased during the next phase, phase 2, will receive 10% more, purchases made after the 2nd phase ends will receive no bonus. The tokens are locked during the presale and the ICO and will be released upon the completion of the ICO. There is a cap of 200 million SFX tokens in total.

1. Tokens are purchased by sending crypto to the desired wallet. The exchange rate is based on how many tokens have been sold and can be seen in the website.

2. After sending crypto, the funds are verified and SFX tokens will be reserved.

3. Once the ICO ends, users will be able to access their tokens and begin using within the application and we will also be listing them on exchanges.

4. 1 SFX Token = 1 SFX Coin.

ICO SFX Exchange Rates

During presale and the ICO, purchases can receive extra tokens up to a certain limit. We are setting a cap of 10 million tokens to be sold during the presale. During this time, all purchases will be given 30% more tokens. Once the ICO starts, the bonus structure will change to the following:

  • Phase 1 of the ICO will offer 20% more tokens on purchases. This is outside of the tokens sold during the presale.
  • Phase 2 of the ICO will offer 10% more tokens on purchases.
  • Phase 3 of the ICO will offer no bonus tokens

Pricing structure will work as follows:

  • Pre-sale each SFX token will cost $0.10
  • Phase 1  each SFX token will cost $0.12
  • Phase 2  each SFX token will cost $0.14
  • Phase 3 each SFX token will cost $0.16

The pre-sale is when you have the best deal as $100 USD will get you 1,000 SFX Tokens and 30% more totaling 1,300 tokens.

Proof of pact

Proof of Pact, similar to PoS, is a contract created between two parties. Once that contract, or the Pact, has been deemed honored by both sides an SFX coin, or a percentage of one is generated.

What does PoP mean for me?

PoP is an improved network that will allow for an anonymous and decentralized database of transactions that anyone from a simple user to a talented developer can take advantage of.

ICO Referral Program

What exactly does this mean? It means that once you sign up and donate to the ICO you will receive a referral link. With this code you can share it out and whenever someone uses it they get extra SFX Coin and so do you! Why Do This? We want to reward our users for believing in us and helping us make this dream come true! Break Down: Anyone can sign up for a referral code and get 3% of the total SFX tokens sold back to you. The person using it gets an extra 2% also on top of their SFX tokens being purchased. So if your code is used on 100,000 SFX tokens you get 3000 SFX tokens.

Our Services

The Zero Fee Way To Trade and Hold Crypto


Privacy is our highest priority, which is why we use the strongest encryption and prevent indexing of our platform.

Mobile App

Mobile app soon to follow the platform.


We won’t just store SFX coins. We will be able to store any support coin in our platform.

Secure and Safe Interface

We aim to create a safe and secure environment with the strongest of code standards.

The Soferox Vault

A great way to safely store coins, create shared portfolios, and gain interested on accounts.

Safe, Secure Wallets

With our unique cold wallet storage strategy we aim to provide the most secure way to secure your funds.

Zero Fee Structure

We don’t believe that every transaction should cost you which is why transactions within our platform are always free and instant!

PoP (Proof of Pact)

Quite possibly our best feature. This new blockchain solves the security and scaling issues facing most today.

Multi Coin Trades

This service will give you the ability to swap one cryptocurrency for another all while still charging zero fees.