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Backed behind a powerful API and easy to use SDK

Welcome to Soferox

In today's day and age all things online are usually centralized and owned by corporations. Here at Soferox we believe that blockchain technology and decentralization is the future. To see this vision through we have created Soferox, a blockchain for both users and developers.

Your imagination is the limit with Soferox. You can develop social networks, games, messengers, IoT apps, Financial apps, and so much more. This can all be done within the Soferox chain, or you can create your very own blockchain with your own corresponding coins. Completely decentralized and all without the headaches of complicated consensus algorithms or P2P networking protocols.

Easy To Use API and SDK

Soferox is a new way to utilize blockchain technology in your applications. With a fully open API and SDK kit, integrating to the blockchain has never been easier

The Twin-Chain

With our new approach on blockchain tech, the Twin-Chain makes it easier to grow and scale your application and sub-chain than ever before!

Balanced and Fair Mining (PoP)

With a new blockchain, comes a new way to secure blocks. PoP is just that system. It is a new and unique way to mine blocks in a fair and fast approach.

The Soferox Network

A Blockchain Built For Tomorrow


Privacy is our highest priority, which is why we use the strongest encryption and anonymous transactions.

Mobile App

Mobile app for platform on iOS and Android available after final release.


You can create your own chain for transactions, create a new currency, dApps, or any other kind of application.

Secure and Safe API/Interface

We aim to create a safe and secure environment with the strongest of code standards. Which is why we utilize dual encryption keys and HMAC authentication.

The Soferox SDK

This is a full SDK programmed in C# with intermixes of javascript. This will allow you to leverage Soferox's technologies in the land of C# and other applications

Fast, Energy Efficient, and Fair Mining

A new take on mining allows for things such as pre-mining, fast transactions, reputation, and fair mining standards. Also our mining software allows you to idle and only run when called. This will help decrease energy bills by half!

Open Source

Soferox will take the approach of open source. We believe to have a trustles, decentralized environment, we too must be open.

PoP (Proof of Pact)

Quite possibly our best feature. This new blockchain solves the security and scaling issues facing most today.


The most exciting aspect is to see what the community creates with our tools and network. The sky is the limit.

The Soferox Platform

With all the tools Soferox is bringing, the possibilities are endless. You can create things such as messaging tools, financial applications, social projects, exchanges, online market places, IoT apps, and so much more. With an expansive API and SDK you truly can create a unique project that leverages blockchain technology.

Safe, Secure, & Private

We aim to create a safe and secure environment with the strongest of code standards. Privacy is our highest priority, which is why we use the strongest encryption and prevent indexing of our platform. With dual layers of encryption and secure keys we are confident in protecting your personal and private information.

A Blockchain For All

Wanting to create your own coin, or start an crowd fund, but not sure how? The Soferox Blockchain lets you not only create a true cryptocurrency coin, but also allows you to issue your own coins. Your company can start and live in our chain, or create your very own sub-chain with its own rules. We will even help with integration needs.

The Twin Chain

We have done something completely unique and different from all blockchains. We have taken the rules of a blockchain and taken them out of transactions. This allows for a completely immutable transaction chain and a rule chain that can evolve and grow to the needs of the network. This means scalability, no forks, no coin splits, and a stable environment that the masses can use and integrate easily. With all transactions being validated against the rule chain this will allow for blocks to be submitted and guaranteed to be valid, thus not wasting mining time or resources.

Endless Application Possibilities

With the ability to create your own chain, or use the main chain of the twins you have the ability to create an endless array of applications. With the SDK in C# we will already be compatiable with a wide array of windows applications and visual studio now works on both mac and windows.

The Programming

Soferox has chosen to start with C# and Javascript as our two main languages. We feel these two languages will really help us enter the market and allow you create some truly incredible applications/dApps.

Zero Fees

The Soferox Network is free to use and requires no licensing. Other than normal transactional cost, you can use Soferox how you see fit. This is made possible by our PoP blockchain. The more the chain is used the more our network gets fed allowing us to grow and strengthen the network. The exchange itself is also free with all core functions given at no charge. It is your crypto and you deserve to keep it. You'll be able to save a lot of money by not losing your crypto to fees.

Mining - Proof of Pact

We know miners are what make all this possible and are what drive this kind of technology. That is why we developed our mining software to easily work with CPUs, and not requiring expensive GPUs, or other expensive components and you can re-use ASIC hardware you already have.


Development of infrastructure

November 1, 2017

With most of the software done already, we will begin infrastructure development and stress testing of the PoP Network.

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Private Alpha

End of Q1 2018

Users who have over 500 USD in SFX will get Private Alpha invites.

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Private/public beta

Middle of Q2 2018

Users who have over $100 USD in SFX will get private beta invites, followed by an open beta.

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Open Access

End of Q2, 2018

We are live and all major functions for an MVP are in place. Exchange Listing process has begun.

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Full Feature Release

No Date Set

Dual Blockchain is finalized and usable by the public

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Exchange Listing

No Date Set

We are talking with exchanges, but not have firm dates on listing.

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Our Team

The Zero Fee Way To Trade and Hold Crypto

Aaron Mathis

Founder and CEO

Aaron has a long history in internet security and specifically the application on web based developments. It’s his dream that inspired this project. His passion for the industry and desire to simplify access to more individuals is what drives this team to create this amazing platform. With an extensive background in computer science coupled with his former semi-pro hockey career, Aaron knows what it takes to lead a team, and overcome any challenges that may arise.

Dr. Alex Williams

Founder and CTO

Alex has been a part of many startups in the industry. He’s been a key member in ensuring they not only make it to consumers, but that they are and remain profitable. Alex has a PhD in mathematics which has helped him fine tune ability to take complex problems and new technologies and simplify them for the most basic user. He is also an accomplished programmer in a wide variety of languages and platforms to help make this project a huge success.

Chris Bennet


Chris has had a successful career in directing companies on which markets to target to maximize product saturation and ensure customer satisfaction. He comes from a background in sales which gives him a unique perspective on the average consumer and how it could relate to this platform. It also gives an avenue for users of our platform to have direct input into the design and implementation. Chris’ membership on this team will help ensure that users will stay involved from the development to the implementation of the entire system.

Frank Bonnet

Technology Advisor

Frank is the founder and lead developer of DCORP, an autonomous, decentralized and democratic organization that exists on the blockchain as a series of smart-contracts. Frank has nine years of experience designing, building and maintaining countless enterprise .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and owner of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance company in the Netherlands and many other web-based projects.

Hansco Leek


Stockbroker, entrepreneur, investor, early Bitcoin adopter and co-owner/founder at Autodealers (successful Automotive IT company) among others. Hansco is advising us on direction and platform growth.

Manuel Gonzalez

Marketing Advisor

Manuel has founded and managed several highly successful marketing agencies. Since 2005 he has been launching, managing and optimizing online media campaigns. He co-founded Nexus (NXS) formally known as Coinshield (CSD) in 2014. He currently manages Token Launch Group ( where he and his team help developers raise millions.

Peter Fillmore

Social Media Manager

Peter has been active in running and contributing to online communities since creating his first BBS (bulletin board system) in the early 1990’s. Peter has a passion for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and collaborating with others who share his enthusiasm for the industry. An invited contributor on with a common presence in many other forums and platforms, Peter brings more than 25 years of customer service excellence to Soferox and its community.

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